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Toronto Cleaning service

About Us

About Us

Toronto Cleaning Service

Toronto Cleaning services company Good Karma Eco-Cleaning strives to bring the highest quality cleaning service (with the use of Eco-friendly products) to houses in and around the city of Toronto. Rated as one of the top cleaning companies in Toronto by blogTO.

Our service is built around the joy of taking care of others by making their living space a healthier and more enjoyable places to be.

‘Good Karma’ Eco-Cleaning is a small family-run business with a great team of friendly, mature, experienced and dedicated cleaners who love and enjoy cleaning.

Unlike bigger companies, our service is personal, extremely efficient and flexible in terms of setting up cleaning schedule and accommodating all your special needs.

On top of using Eco-friendly products, we bring these values to our service:
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Good Karma Eco-cleaning offers house cleaning services in and around Toronto using only non-toxic Eco-friendly cleaning products.

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